Superannuation Fund Administration Reporting

Coldfusion MX 7 introduced the Report Builder, which allows database information to be displayed in a well formatted manner within a PDF document. Such a document can then be saved, printed or emailed as appropriate.

Data Stream has implemented a reporting application with powerful generalised features built around this technology. Reports are identified mnemonically within the system so that the user has control of the report description, menu position, role availability and so forth.

Generally a report requires parameters such as a date range, a fund or member name and so on. These parameters as well as the report file generated are systematically stored for current and historical handling. At the time of report production or later, a report can be viewed, saved to the users file system or emailed as appropriate.

When emailing a report the system automatically formats a subject line, based on a template set for the report mnemonic, with relevant parameters and includes the full parameter specification in the email message.

Coldfusion 8 has introduced elements of Adobe's Livecycle technology and PDF forms handling to the platform's capabilities. These features are being exploited with the introduction of government and proprietary forms available for online or local completion. Where local completion takes place, efficient data capture is achieved with the use of PDF 417 barcode technology.


Some of our successes

Metal Manufactures Limited

Cable manufacturing and wholesaling are very competitive businesses. The MM group is one of the major Australian players and Data Stream has helped it keep a competitive edge by providing systems development, software and consultancy services for many years. The MM Electrical headquarters is located at North Rocks in NSW where Data Stream has developed diverse applications for the management control of merchandising operations in five states. The evolution involved the early adoption of SPARC machines with the UNIX operating system and X.25 communications. Cable manufacturing is centred at Liverpool and carried out by a company known for many years as Cable Makers Australia (now MM Cables). Here, Data Stream undertook major developments in on-line order processing, stock control, distribution planning, sales monitoring and many other applications.

Austraclear Limited

We started our assignment in August 1983 with a brief to write the initial system and for many years continued to be heavily involved with its growth. This included the transition to a new Oracle platform, one of the first and a highly successful version 6 site. The ground breaking Datapoint system contained a number of novel aspects in the specification and design. The innovation of using dedicated disk access modules was employed which delivered significant operational benefits. The Austraclear system now provides a depository and bank clearing facility for the short term money market in Australia. It is owned mainly by the banks and virtually every significant financial institution in the country is a member.

The Fish Marketing Authority

The auction starts at 5 am and the sooner it's over the better, particularly when the commodity is fish! As the crates arrive, laser scanners read the bar coded labels into the system . When the produce is laid out on the auction floor, radio terminals are used to relay lot compositions and other information to prepare the auction catalogue. As the auction proceeds, sales records are input to the system to update buyer and supplier balances. Data stream provided software written in Progress and C to drive the administration system and the radio terminal communications to ensure the auctions proceed with speed and efficiency.

Clients we have served
  • Allen, Allen & Hemsley
  • ATN Channel 7
  • Auscott Pty Ltd
  • Austraclear Limited
  • Australian Consolidated Press Ltd
  • Broadcast Programming & Research
  • Cable Makers (Aust) Pty Ltd
  • Citicorp Australia Ltd
  • Commercial Data Processing Pty Ltd
  • CPS Systems Pty Limited
  • Data Base Associates
  • Data Engineering Pty Ltd
  • Datapoint Corporation Pty Ltd
  • Drs Sullivan Nicholaides & Partners
  • Easy Find (NSW) Pty Ltd
  • Esso Australia Limited
  • Farmers Grazcos Cooperative Ltd
  • Fidene Corporation Pty Ltd
  • Fish Marketing Authority
  • Godfrey Weston & Associates
  • Grosvenor Pirie Management Limited (GPML)
  • Halliday & Nicholas
  • Hillross Pty Ltd
  • International Commodities Clearing House Ltd
  • John Skillicorn & Associates
  • Knight Frank Australia
  • Lintas Pty Ltd
  • McGregor Sea & Air Services Ltd
  • Menzies Hotel
  • Merrill Lynch (Aust) Pty Ltd
  • Metal Manufactures Group
  • Micro Blinds
  • Milestone Group
  • Organon (Aust) Pty Ltd
  • Pergamon Press (Aust) Pty Ltd
  • Perpetual Trustees Australia Limited
  • Pyneboard Pty Ltd
  • RCA Pty Ltd
  • Rothschild Australia Limited
  • Sigma Data Corporation Pty Ltd
  • Smiths Industries Medical Services
  • Summit Electronic Systems Pty Ltd
  • Tectran Corporation Pty Ltd
  • Telemecanique Pty Ltd
  • Telemecanique (Singapore) Pte
  • Telex Computer Products International Inc.
  • The Computer Company Pty Ltd
  • The National Trust of Australia
  • Touche Ross & Co
  • Unistrut Australia Pty Ltd
  • WD Scott & Co Pty Ltd
  • Yokata (Aust) Pty Ltd
  • Zenith Hardware
  • Several radio and TV stations in Australasia, Europe and Asia
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